ALLISON STRONG – Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus

“Barbara takes a song and helps bring new meaning to it. She makes sure you understand what you are singing and that you feel every word. As a teenager who loves to sing, it is important to have an emotional tie to the music. And, most importantly, (when preparing for the ‘Be Wicked!’ singing contest finals) she help make me “Glinda-licious!”

ADAM SCHLETT – Front Man for Deaf Rhino Rock Band

"Fantastic! Barbara melds classic training methods with a more ’holistic’ style of approaching voice and singing. As a working singer looking to hone my skills before a big recording session, Barbara has been great at refining my less than favorable habits while highlighting the positive attributes of my voice. I walk out of each lesson very happy and more confident in my abilities than the week prior.”

REBECA ARANGO – NYU Tisch Student – Singer/ Songwriter

“It was not until I began writing my solo music that I realized what an influence Barbara has been on the way I think about songwriting and lyrics. I am so grateful for this, and for her writing my letter of recommendation, and for improving my voice. Without these things, I am certain I would not have been accepted to the NYU Clive Davis School of Recorded Music.”


"I am a musician but I’ve never really tried to sing before and I really had no idea what to expect. I am a pretty shy and awkward person and she has made me make a lot of weird noises that would probably make me cry a bit if it were in front of anyone else. It’s been great fun. I'm a much better singer than when I started.  My ear is also much better and I've been able to transcribe music much faster than I was before.  After each lesson I feel a bit more confident and energized. If you’re looking to improve your voice, you’ve found the right person. It has been incredibly fun and rewarding experience and I look forward to each lesson."

JAQUITA MAY – Live touring Back-Up Singer for Steven Van Zandt, and "The Christmas Chronicles" film

“Thank u for helping to heal my voice. I always credit u for what u did for me.  And always recommend u . .  U really helped me with emotion . . .techniques for My voice. Ur the best!!! Highly recommended!!!”

GARRAD PERRY – Sinatra/ Rat Pack Singer

"I book a lot of gigs and each one is different than the other. That’s where Barbara shines! I can bring her a selection that I haven’t done in a while, or is not my strongest, but the gig calls for it. Before I know it, it turns into one of my go-to songs.

She is also great at working on songs that are out of my genre and comfort zone. I was hired to sing at a wedding cocktail hour AND the bride and groom’s first dance song. The cocktail hour, I did my Sinatra/ Rat Pack set, but for the first dance, I was asked to sing a Disney song that was sung by a Disney Princess. Barbara and I looked at the task at hand and plowed thru the challenge. That night, it took me over an hour to break down my equipment because I was being stopped by guests every few minutes telling me how impressed they were. Mostly about the Disney song!


I perform all these gigs while juggling a full time job. I’m at a point where I’ve been putting some serious thought into performing full time. Barbara has been instrumental in giving me the confidence to make this long time dream a reality.

If you’re a singer who wants to take your craft to the next level, whether a beginner or experienced, Barbara is the right choice. The smart choice."