Q: What age students do you teach?

A: Students range from youth to adult -  between 10 years old (when their voices start to change), and into their 70s.

Q: Do I have to take a lesson every week?

A: That’s what most students do. We are working with muscles around the vocal cords. They need to be stretched regularly to strengthen and move them into a new position. You can take a lesson every other week if you stick close to that the schedule.

Q: What will I learn in singing lessons?

A: Your vocal cords, and the muscles involved in singing, will be trained and strengthened in a healthy way, to be more responsive to your artistic choices. You will also become more familiar with using your resonating chambers in the mouth, throat, sinuses, and chest.  There is also performance work on the storytelling approach to the lyrics and melody.

Q: What kind of music do you work with?

A: My teaching is based on Musical Theater.  We will discuss the character and plot development in the song, the meaning behind the music and lyrics, and how it relates to you.  My students have used this technique to succeed in many genres including Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, Americana, Sinatra Tribute, and A Cappella music.

Q: What if a student is tone deaf?

A: Very few people have a medical problem that interferes with them hearing pitches.  If a student has trouble, it usually just takes a little longer to teach them how to feel the pitch, resonance, and energy from the inside.

Q: Does the student do homework and practice everyday?

A: Not at the beginning. It’s best if the student does not attempt the vocal exercises at home until given a recording of the exercises. It is too easy to practice the wrong thing. Homework can be to find a new song you want to work on, memorize a song, or to write out a personal story that relates to a song we are doing. 

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