Praise for "Singing - Body and Soul"

Stephen Flaherty - Tony winning Composer "Ragtime," "Once on This Island"

"With SINGING - BODY AND SOUL, Barbara J. Simon has written a very wise, witty and accessible book on the technique and art of singing.  Barbara's book is unique in that it combines the technical and interpretive aspects of singing in a very user-friendly way with pages and pages of wonderful practical advice.  Whether you aspire to sing on the Broadway stage or just want to be the best shower singer you can be, you will enjoy Barbara's book immensely." 

Deke Sharon - A Cappella Vocal Producer "Pitch Perfect," "In Transit on Broadway"

"A breezy, chatty yet still nuanced and insightful series of tips and best practices for singers, especially musical theater singers (on whom this book is focused)" - 

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I Sing Great in the Shower


Yeah, you and everybody else! Why is that? When you take your morning shower, you have just woken up and feel relaxed, safe and secure. Perhaps you can remember snatches of your dreams. You are naked, hot, wet, and breathing in thick steam. All these elements contribute to singing well in the shower. Let me show you how to take these personal singing experiences from your shower to the stage.

Singing – Body and Soul is a textbook for young singers (ages 14 and up), about the scientific and artistic aspects of singing – without having to memorize boring technical terms or take graded tests. Just a carnival of ideas to free up the soul, so your voice can soar. Endorsed by Stephen Flaherty, the two-time Tony-winning composer of Ragtime and Once on This Island - topics include:

Riding the Waves – getting a feel for how sound waves work

When Should I Breath? – choices about breathing can add meaning to the music

The Mating Call – how hormones carry information about your reproductive system by affecting the sound of your voice, and helping you attract the right mate at the right time. 

Q: Does the book cover the same material as the one-to-one singing lessons?

A: There are more in-depth explanations in the book, more philosophy behind the teaching, and a balance of all the subjects.  Reading Singing – Body and Soul while studying singing can put you six months ahead in the lessons.

As a singing teacher and coach – Barbara’s students have performed in the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus, as an R&B on-air finalist for Oprah’s Pop Star Challenge, a two-time first place winner in the national Contemporary A Cappella Society Awards, on an international tour with Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, and as front man for a VH1-praised “new hard rock band," and broadcast on half a dozen radio stations.

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