Radio Interviews

Excerpts from Barbara's radio interviews - talking about her studio, her students, and her book, Singing - Body and Soul.

Transcriptions Available

The Maggie Linton Show


SiriusXM - "The Maggie Linton Show" On-Air host Maggie Linton.  Guests include New York Times bestselling authors, stars of sports, entertainment, and politics.  Download transcription below.

Dave's Gone By

image92 - "Dave's Gone By" with on-air host English Prof. Dave Lefkowitz.  Features theater / music / film / art - off-beat and engaging talk.  Download transcription below.

Sharkie's Pep Talk


Healthy - "Sharkie's Pep Talk" with Prof. Sharkie Zartman  "Your 'get up and go' fix!  Get fired up with inspiration on fitness, yoga, and empowerment."  Download transcription below.

Read My Lips

image94 - "Read My Lips" with Bonnie D. Graham. Topics include personal relationships, workplace and business, lifestyle, and mind/body/spirit practices.  Download transcription below.