5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Dr. Robbi Rose - Neurologist – “Fabulous Resource”

What a wonderful book! While it is written with the young singer in mind, it is for every singer who wants tips on how to improve. Written with the right balance of technique, anatomy, science, and humor . . . The science is simple enough for everyone to understand but accurate in all its states.

Stephen Innocenzi - Singing Coach – “Informative and Fun!”

What I love about Barbara Simon's book is that it's not just a book about how to produce sound (something the book covers very well). It's a book that's about how to sing, about performance, about how to discover, understand, interpret and communicate a song . . . I recommend it highly.

Mark Baxter - Singing Teacher – “A Friendly & Informative Book”

This book is a marvelous extension of Barbara's passion for singing and teaching. Yes - it's a medley - but it flows seamlessly between her experience and the current science on singing. . . Her writer's voice is comforting and conversational, and the information and advice is spot on.

Catherine Simon - Education MA – “Valuable Advice”

A well-rounded and thoroughly researched guide to the voice. Her dry wit and understated humor make this subject entertaining to the reader; and her analogies, such as comparing 'bone tone' to trying to talk to someone underwater, are helpful and colorful. Her discussion of brain hemispheres and their connection to singing was most interesting to me.

Kathleen Finnegan - Renaissance Faire Harpist – “Fantastic Job!”

I have worked with Barbara as a fellow musician and was so thrilled to see her book published! Her insights and teaching abilities are first-class, and it is great to see those available to a wider audience. . . . Even though it is technically addressing musical theater, it would be a loss to limit it to that venue.

Jennifer Daure - Life Coach – “Literally devouring that book!”

What I love about its author Barbara Simon is that her hilarious witty sense of humor makes it so much fun to read. When you know her, you can actually hear her talk as you read through the words, which makes it even more colorful. . . . Singing is way more than just hitting the notes!