Each one-hour lesson is private, with the teaching curriculum personalized for each student.  You may record the lesson, exercises and accompaniment. Beginner and advanced students welcome.

Vocal Technique

Your lesson’s first 20 minutes will be devoted to:

  • Exercises to strengthen your voice and increase your range
  • Discussion and practice of breathing technique
  • Coordinating upper and lower registers for the best blend

Song Performance

In the remaining 40 minutes, your lesson will include:

  • Developing audition songs and repertoire
  • Exploring how your body and energy affects a performance
  • Live piano accompaniment and access to a library of sheet music

Lyric Writing

Are you a lyricist or singer/songwriter? Bring your music to the lesson and we will:

  • Study master songwriters and discuss their techniques and choices.
  • Explore how melody, lyrics, and rhythm reveal character and story line.
  • Discuss song lyrics and apply them to your personal experience.


Recordings of your vocal performances are available on several levels.

  • During your lesson, we can create a recording with live or MIDI accompaniment.
  • With a professional accompanist, we can create a college demo or audition recordings.
  • Plans can be made for a singer to do a demo in a professional recording studio