Each one-hour lesson is private, with the teaching curriculum personalized for each student.  You pay for a series of four lessons each month, deducted on a credit card. You may record the lesson, exercises and accompaniment. Beginner and advanced students welcome.

Vocal Technique

Your lesson’s first 20 minutes will be devoted to:

  • Exercises to strengthen your voice and increase your range
  • Discussion and practice of breathing technique
  • Coordinating upper and lower registers for the best blend

Song Performance

In the remaining 40 minutes, your lesson will include:

  • Developing audition songs and repertoire
  • Exploring how your body and energy affects a performance
  • Live piano accompaniment and access to a library of sheet music

Lyric Writing

Are you a lyricist or singer/songwriter? Bring your music to the lesson and we will:

  • Study master songwriters and discuss their techniques and choices.
  • Explore how melody, lyrics, and rhythm reveal character and story line.
  • Discuss song lyrics and apply them to your personal experience.


Recordings of your vocal performances are available on several levels.

  • During your lesson, we can create a recording with live or MIDI accompaniment.
  • With a professional accompanist, we can create a college demo or audition recordings.
  • Plans can be made for a singer to do a demo in a professional recording studio